Teaser for jTBC Adaptation of Legal High with Jin Goo and Seo Eun Soo Captures the Silly Aura of Original

The first teaser is out for the jTBC Fri-Sat drama Legal High and it totally made me smile. The sparring between leads Jin Goo and Seo Eun Soo is exactly the same vibe as in the original with Sakai Masato and Aragaki Yui, makes me want to rewatch the original and make time for the K-version. With Jin Goo being such a straight man character in Descendants of the Sun, it’s nice to see him unleash dry physical humor and lots of entertaining facial expressions. Seo Eun Soo is already adorable with her spunky rookie lawyer trying to win cases by working with the proverbial devil incarnate who turns out to be not so bad inside after all. This type of drama without a forced romance works for viewers interested in a fun story without angling for some tacked on love line. Continue reading

tvN Drama Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky Captures Original J-dorama Moody Vibe

The tears in a melodrama can at times feel forced, or at least contrived due to a wholly unrealistic set of circumstances that all aggregate together to manufacture a tragedy. That’s the narrative premise behind upcoming tvN drama Hundred Million … Continue reading

Park Sung Woong and Seo Eun Soo Round Out Cast of K-version of A Million Stars Falling From the Sky

This drama has the potential to be so good that it hurts to watch, and for a remake also feels remarkable suited to be done because the original is so long ago now that it visually looks dated. The J-dorama … Continue reading

Press Conference for KBS Weekend Drama My Golden Life Has Park Shi Hoo Apologizing for Scandal from 2013

Scandal is a loaded word, for some K-netizens it connotes something as inconsequential as a star dating news, yet in recent years there have been a series of male star scandals of the serious variety involving accusations, police investigations, and … Continue reading

Her Legend with Choi Jung Won and Kim Jung Hoon Release First Stills and Teaser

Fashion is like the sinkhole of K-dramas. I seriously cannot think of a single K-drama that centered around the fashion world or even tangentially related to fashion where it wasn’t either a hot mess of epic proportions (Fashion King, Cinderella … Continue reading