Eunjung and Many Female Stars Attend Spring/Summer 2020 Seoul Fashion Week Event

I’ve been disappointed by Korean actress red carpet dressing for years now and seeing the parade at this week’s Seoul Fashion Show for Spring/Summer 2020 confirms that the K-style is just not for me. They go safe with white/black uninspired styles at awards shows and for fashion shows it’s a melange of too loud and frothy styles swinging hard the other way. It’s weird because the actresses onscreen always dress beautifully if they are not playing intentionally uglified characters. A lot of individual events were cancelled this week out of respect for passed away star Sulli but a big event like Fashion Week needed to continue and there were a lot of stars in attendance and I though idol singer and now actress Eunjung looked very pretty in pink, her makeup and the color of her dress but stylistically she was a walking doll in ruffles. Continue reading

The Pink Ladies of the Vogue Girl March Edition

Vogue Girl Korea‘s March issue is it’s annual pink issue, and this year it assembled another batch of starlets to model for its Pink Wings charity campaign – this year its to help young adults who are their families’ main … Continue reading