Awkward Marriage Couple Powwow in Store for Episode 9 of Flower of Evil, tvN Will Preempt Episode 12 Next Week Due to Filming Interruption

The new stills are out for tomorrow’s episode 9 of Flower of Evil and it’s one of the most exciting sneak peeks because it bring all four leads into the same scene. Detective wifey Cha Ji Won manages to track sleuthing husband Do Hyun Soo to his scooby gang meeting with sister Hae Soo and high school nemesis turned ally (and Hae Soo pabo) Moo Jin. Looks like Hyun Soo is going to go with the punches and just call her inside and hopefully come clean, or make up a story about why he’s investigating the murders again. I hope its the former because the four of them working together will get it done for sure, plus I need Ji Won and Hyun Soo to re-fall in love with each other without secrets and also be aligned against the bad parents now that real Baek Hee Sung has woken up. So much exciting stuff ahead, it’s going to be nice to at least get three consecutive episodes before tvN needs to preempt episode 12 next Thursday due to the halt in filming this week to combat COVID-19 spread.

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