Kim Nam Gil and Seo Ye Ji Cast for OCN Mystery Monster Drama Island

Wow what a surprising pairing and a cool sounding story. Kim Nam Gil and Seo Ye Ji are cast in the OCN 2021 mystery fantasy drama Island about, well, an island. Seo Ye Ji plays a rich daughter of a chaebol banished to a weird island after she causes a hot mess for her daddy and his company in Seoul. There she needs to survive and teams up with the lone human man who lives on that island who lives as a monster hunter, and there are apparently mysteries aplenty. Kim Nam Gil plays the monster hunter and saves the haughty heiress when she’s plunked on the island with him. Of course romance and redemption will ensue. I’m way more interesting in the mystery island even if I do love this casting.

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Joynews Poll Selects Best K-drama OTP of 2020 as Hyun Bin-Son Ye Jin in Crash Landing on You Followed by Kim Soo Hyun-Seo Ye Ji in It’s Okay to Not be Okay

The Joynews Korea 16th anniversary celebration continues and a second K-drama related poll result is out. It’s the same pool of 200 some entertainment industry professionals sampled as they were asked which drama couple was the best OTP/best chemistry of … Continue reading

2020 Asia Artist Awards Release Star Studded Attendees Including Kim Soo Hyun, Lee Jun Ki, Lee Jung Jae, Lee Sung Kyung, Seo Ye Ji and Many More

I figured the awards circuit was going to be toast this fall season but the upcoming 2020 Asia Artist Awards held on November 25th will certainly be worth checking out. The awards body released the names of the expected actor … Continue reading

It’s Okay to Not be Okay Ends with Episode 16 Ratings High of 6.224% and 7.348% and a Perfect Complete Story With Heart and Soul

Two decades of Hallyu dramas under the belt leaves me a bit jaded and always guarded for the other shoe to drop, namely a really crappy ending. Not that an ending is unhappy for the OTP, even happy endings have … Continue reading

Mommy Dearest is Back in Episode 14 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay as Viewers Riveted to the Tension with Ratings of 5.403% and 5.947%

This was a rough episode of It’s Okay to Not be Okay to watch, probably as dark as it gets with both the narrative and the title fairy tale written by Moon Young of The Hand, The Monkfish,. There is … Continue reading

Episode 13 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay is the Inevitable Calm Before the Storm With a Twist and Ratings of 4.974% and 5.696%

tvN Sat-Sun drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay is both about psychiatry and fairy tales, or really how fairy tales is an encapsulation and discussion about mention and emotional issues. Each episode is named about a fairy tale, most … Continue reading

Unexpected Steamy Kisses and New Family Unit Steal the Show in Episode 11 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay with Ratings of 4.552% amd 5.681%

You can only get progress and catharsis from what is stagnant and seemingly hopeless, and episode 11 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay delivered tons of incredibly satisfying forward momentum without any of the usual K-drama tropes. Kang Tae … Continue reading

Wounds are Pried Open so Hopefully Characters Can Move Forward in Episode 10 of It’s Okay to Not be Okay with Ratings of 4.212% and 5.481%

For much too long all the characters in It’s Okay to Not be Okay have been in stasis, in suspended animation if you will. Going through the motions, surviving and succeeding, but never addressing a boatload of childhood trauma and … Continue reading

Happiness and Then Heartbreak Elevates Episode 9 of It’s Okay to Not Be Okay to New Emotional Heights with Ratings of 4.995% and 5.814%

I think both Kim Soo Hyun and Oh Jung Se just submitted their names for the 2021 Baeksang Awards for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor in the drama category with today’s episode 9 performance It’s Okay to Not be … Continue reading