It’s Okay to Not be Okay Nominated for an 2021 International Emmy Award in the TV Show Category

Okay, hearing the name of this drama brings back such conflicted feels. This week 2020 summer K-drama It’s Okay to Not be Okay got back in the news due to being nominated for an International Emmy award in the international television movie/mini-series category. The drama did get multiple nominations at the 2021 Baeksang Awards earlier this year but only Oh Jung Se won in the Best Supporting Actor category, not counting Seo Ye Ji‘s devoted fans voting her into a Popularity Award win. I still stand behind finding the drama really well done, from the writing to the directing and acting, but it’s not one I want to re-watch anymore (at least til now) due to seeing Seo Ye Ji in a brand new light after her relationship gaslighting and controlling ways with ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun came to light. Sure she didn’t commit a crime but I’m just so over her to date. I don’t expect It’s Okay to win but if it does then it deserves it as the drama didn’t do anything wrong.

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Seo Ye Ji Confirmed to Drop Out of OCN Drama Island Despite Agency Negotiating Hard to Keep Her In, Kim Nam Gil Will Do SBS Drama First As Island Looks for New Leading Lady

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K-ent Reporter Wonders if Seo Ye Ji Can Survive Scandal the Way Lee Byung Hun Did as Her New Movie Recalled Got Good Reviews and Didn’t Tank in the Box Office

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Seo Ye Ji’s Agency Releases Statement that the Texts with Kim Jung Hyun are Just Fighting Between Couple But Denies the Education and Bullying Controversies, and K-ent is Reporting that She Will Leave OCN Drama Island with Kim Nam Gil

I’ve been through countless K-scandals and the process is always the same: shocking reveal, silence, either admit but add explanation or admit some part of it/deny others, and finally apologize and reflect. Seo Ye Ji may have been pulled into … Continue reading

Seo Ye Ji Erases Instagram Contents and Will Not Attend this Week’s Premiere Screening of Her Upcoming Movie Recalled with Kim Kang Woo

This week’s news report that K-actress Seo Ye Ji was the alleged ex-girlfriend to Kim Jung Hyun who played a controlling role in the Time drama production debacle three years ago could not have come at a worse time for … Continue reading

Dispatch Releases Bombshell Report that Seo Ye Ji was Kim Jung Hyun’s Ex-girlfriend that Demanded His Cold Behavior on Set of MBC Drama Time

The fallout and alleged reveals continue to dig up painful memories from three years ago in 2018 on the production of MBC drama Time. Male lead Kim Jung Hyun was noticeably awkward and reserved with female lead Seohyun at the … Continue reading