Ji Chang Wook Swept Up in Seungri Scandal After News Broadcasts Picture Female Burning Sun Investor Took With Him

At this point in K-ent, stars should hope to not be in the news and just lay low because who knows how wide the net of Seungri‘s prostitution and tax evasion scandal will spread. There’s a new unwitting star caught up in it this weekend, actor Ji Chang Wook who is currently finishing up his military service made the news in connection with the closed down club Burning Sun alleged to be the site of a host of illegal and dangerous activities. A news channel revealed that one of the investors in Burning Sun was a Taiwanese woman known as “Mrs. Lin” (Lin Tai) and then showed a picture of her with face blurred but right next to Ji Chang Wook. Da heck? Ji Chang Wook’s agency immediately responded that the picture was taken by Ji Chang Wook from a fan request and he does now have any connection with this Mrs. Lin. I sure hope so guy, please don’t be involved in this mess in any way. Continue reading

1N2D Goes on Hiatus as Cast Members Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jun Ho Suspected of Overseas Gambling Revealed From Jung Joon Young Phone Texts

Apparently disgraced and likely criminally culpable K-singer Jung Joon Young had over 200,000 texts on his phone and had multiple phones, so the fallout will likely spread from the police investigation and retrieval of his communications. The next to fall … Continue reading

Seungri Accused of Further International Prostitution Solicitation and Gambling and Lee Jong Hyun Admits to Watching Sex Videos Sent by Jung Joon Young

We’re probably close to one more K-pop idol leaving his group and “retiring” from the industry. CNBLUE‘s Lee Jong Hyun has admitted that he, too, viewed the hidden camera sex videos circulated by singer Jung Joon Young, and also that … Continue reading

Jung Joon Young and Choi Jung Hoon Reportedly Got Police Assistance in Getting Prior Sex Tape Case Dismissed and Covering Up DUI

The Seungri scandal is like the horrible reverse of the gift that keeps on giving, or more aptly the pandora’s box that should be opened for the greater good of K-ent housecleaning but HOMG is it stomach roiling to read … Continue reading