Military Orders Indicted Seungri to Enlist, May Face Charges in Military Court for Alleged Crimes

Now when I see Seungri‘s smug face or hear his name all I think about is giant douchebag. The fall K-pop idol was indicted last week (finally!) but the Seoul district court for facilitating prostitution, illegal overseas gambling, and foreign exchange manipulation. This week news broke that he’s been ordered to serve his military enlistment and cannot postpone yet again, he’s apparently hit the 5 postponement limit. If he enlists then the military court may hear the charges against him for the criminal allegations that he was indicted for. Not sure if it’s better or worse for him but goodness can this massive loser serve some time for his wide swath of crimes and leave the industry for good. Continue reading

K-media Suspects Additional Three Members of Jung Joon Young’s Sex Video Sharing Chat are Singers Kangin and Jinwoon and Model Lee Chul Woo

If there was anyone who reacted decisively and took on full responsibility the quickest in the Seungri and Jung Joon Young scandals, it would be former BEAST/Highlight member Yong Jun Hyung. He admitted being a part of the hidden camera … Continue reading

Total of 14 Men in Chatroom with Seungri and Jung Joon Young Sharing Hidden Camera Sex Recordings, Seungri Booked by Police

While the Burning Sun illegal activities allegations spread, there’s the other central investigation into a phone text chatroom with K-celebs sharing hidden camera photos and videos of unwitting women being secretly filmed. Today Seoul police booked Seungri for sharing hidden … Continue reading

1N2D Goes on Hiatus as Cast Members Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jun Ho Suspected of Overseas Gambling Revealed From Jung Joon Young Phone Texts

Apparently disgraced and likely criminally culpable K-singer Jung Joon Young had over 200,000 texts on his phone and had multiple phones, so the fallout will likely spread from the police investigation and retrieval of his communications. The next to fall … Continue reading

Seungri Accused of Further International Prostitution Solicitation and Gambling and Lee Jong Hyun Admits to Watching Sex Videos Sent by Jung Joon Young

We’re probably close to one more K-pop idol leaving his group and “retiring” from the industry. CNBLUE‘s Lee Jong Hyun has admitted that he, too, viewed the hidden camera sex videos circulated by singer Jung Joon Young, and also that … Continue reading