The Very Pretty Cast of TW-drama Meteor Garden 2018 Attend Press Conference

The press conference to kick off filming for the new Taiwanese drama adaptation of Hana Yori Dango (Boys Before Flowers) was just brilliant eye candy. The upcoming Meteor Garden 2018 edition (or New Meteor Garden) rounded up five very good looking rookie acting talent who look their parts for sure. C-actress Shen Yue plays the female lead and either is so teeny tiny in real life or else the four guys are giants because they tower over her even with her wearing heels. The character assignments of the F4 are out and the guy in the grey suit to Shen Yue’s right Dylan Wang is playing Domyouji (Jerry Yan’s character), the other to her left with curly hair Kuan Hong gets to be Rui (Vic Zhou), the tallest guy to the far right holding up three fingers is Liang Jing Kang and he’s going to be Akira (Vanness Wu) and last but not least the fourth guy Wu Xi Zhe is Soujiro (Ken Zhu). Continue reading