First Poster for C-drama Adaptation of Once Promised with Huang Xiaoming and Victoria Song

First impressions mean a lot and I loved the concept poster for the long awaited C-drama adaptation of fantasy period romance novel Once Promised (Ceng Shu Nuo) by writer Tong Hua┬ámost famous for having penned Bu Bu Jing Xin. The drama is being called A Lifetime Love (Chinese title Ancient Love Song – Shang Gu Qing Ge) and all the characters are being given different names due to sensitivity over potential offense as the original novel was about the love and conflict being the ancient gods as named in The Classic of the Mountain and Seas.

It’s still the OP love story with Huang Xiaoming as the brash outcast deity and his devoted love for Victoria Song’s goddess princess. The first drama poster is out and I can’t say I hate it but I still want more visual oomph, especially after the C-drama version of Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles Peach Blossoms is an absolute masterpiece success in how to turn fantasy gods into beautiful and doable live-action storyboard. I’m still excited for this but the bar has now been set high. Continue reading

Once Promised with Huang Xiaoming, Victoria Song, Sheng Yi Lun, and Xu Lu Gets New Chinese Title and Starts Filming

A name change for a novel to drama adaptation is so common these days, and increasingly the character names are changed as well and only the story outline remains the same. It’s likely to avoid Chinese censors if the story … Continue reading