Mental Teen Shin Hye Sun Crosses Paths with Grown Up Yang Se Jong in New Teaser for Thirty But Seventeen

The leads have to be likable characters in the upcoming frozen in mental age drama Thirty But Seventeen because I can see lots of overly dramatic situations that could be annoying unless audiences are feeling the connection with the leads. I’m getting a good sense Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong have that innate likability, a sweet vibe that works well here when she’s a grown woman visually acting like a teen girl (and a very immature silly one at that) while he’s a man trying to run from his past by not grooming properly and dressing like a hobo. Their onscreen romance picks up from the halted point when she falls into a coma thirteen years ago, and it’s believable that both will have to learn how to live fully again. Continue reading

Drama and Movie Nominees Announced for the 2018 54th Annual Baeksang Arts Awards

The 2018 54th Annual Baeksang Awards nominees are out and honestly each year I care a smidge less because I watch less of all the offerings and also the older one gets the less emotionally invested in these show affairs. … Continue reading

KBS Weekend Drama My Golden Life with Park Shi Hoo and Shin Hye Sun Break 40% Ratings

Congrats to KBS weekend drama My Golden Life for just breaking the 40% AGB ratings threshold with this weekend’s episode 30, hitting 41.8% nationwide and cementing it as the highest rated drama of 2017. The drama still has another 20-episodes … Continue reading

Press Conference for KBS Weekend Drama My Golden Life Has Park Shi Hoo Apologizing for Scandal from 2013

Scandal is a loaded word, for some K-netizens it connotes something as inconsequential as a star dating news, yet in recent years there have been a series of male star scandals of the serious variety involving accusations, police investigations, and … Continue reading

SBS Fills Out Supporting Cast for Lee Min Ho and Jeon Ji Hyun’s Mermaid Drama Legend of the Blue Sea

From the rumors to the confirmation of casting, upcoming SBS fantasy drama Legend of the Blue Sea is taking actual shape and form unlike the mystical mermaid at the center of the tale. The drama has the one-two-three punch of … Continue reading