Jung Woo Sung and Shin Hyun Bin in Talks for K-drama Remake of 1990’s Classic Era Romance J-dorama Say You Love Me

Wow, talk about a walk down memory lane. K-ent has reported that a K-drama remake of 1995 J-dorama Say You Love Me (Aishiteiru to Ittekure) is in the works, a dorama that was one of those mega hits that famed screenwriter Kitagawa Eriko churned out in that era also including Asunaro Hakusho, Long Vacation, Love Story, A Million Stars From the Sky, Orange Days, and many more. I never thought K-dramas would reach that far back, and if it did it would be in the 2000’s decade such as 2005 when Spring Day came out which was a remake of Heaven’s Coins (Hoshi no Kinka). So back to Say You Love Me, the remake has offers out to Jung Woo Sung to play the male lead, a deaf painter, with Shin Hyun Bin as the female lead who is an actress. The leads age gap is intentional as the original had then veteran Toyokawa Etsushi paired with early days Tokiwa Takako. I do love me a slow burn idealistic love story so if K-drama land wants to remake Say You Love Me for this current gen then I’m along for the nostalgia ride.

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Shin Hyun Bin Offered the Female Lead of Revenge K-drama The Youngest Son of Sunyoung Opposite Song Joong Ki

The winds of casting gods shifts and turns and this time it’s a great surprise. The female lead offer is officially out for the upcoming K-drama adaptation of revenge novel The Youngest Son of Sunyoung (The Chaebol’s Youngest Son) and … Continue reading