Color Coordinated Leads Attend Press Conference for KBS Drama Black Knight Airing Wednesday

I find the fashion visuals at the press conference for KBS drama Black Knight as nicely assembled as the drama has looked in all the preview trailers so far. Shin Se Kyung‘s black and white chaste shirt dress with bow, Kim Rae Won in navy and grey with smoking matching suede smoking shoes, and Seo Ji Hye in fire engine red lace bodycon dress with a slight waterfall hem. Together they are a trio of gorgeousness but the drama isn’t just three pretty people posing onscreen and the long 5-minute preview released at the event continues to mystify as to what this story is about. How does Seo Ji Hye not age and what is the connection with her the two leads from two hundred years ago, and does all love in K-drama melos have to be so fated as to traverse centuries and reincarnations. And if so can the bad girl turn good and get the second shot happy ending, or does the Candy female lead forever hold the keys to the heart of the male lead. It’ll be interesting to see how the audiences respond to Black Knight as it premieres this Wednesday. Continue reading

Shin Se Kyung Plays Two Roles and Seo Ji Hye is the 200 Year Old Antagonist with Kim Rae Won the Titular Black Knight

Filming is ready to start for upcoming KBS Wed-Thurs early winter drama Black Knight, which sounds all sorts of odd and interesting. The interesting part is the story and the odd part the casting, I would have switched up the … Continue reading