K-actor Shin Sung Rok Contracts COVID-19 After Being in Recent Contact with Musical Star Son Jun Ho Who Earlier Tested Positive

There may be a COVID-19 spread going on in the musical and stage world in K-ent and I’m hopeful it’s quickly staunched with contact tracing. K-actor Shin Sung Rok has confirmed a positive test for COVID-19, after a day earlier testing negative. He was part of a group asked to test after being in recent contact with musical actor Son Jun Ho, who earlier got COVID-19. Despite testing negative, Shin Sung Rok went into home confinement anyway and three days later started to feel ill and took another test which came back positive. He will be recuperating at home but clearly the COVID-19 pandemic is nowhere near over. Also luckily he filmed an episode of Master of the House first before crossing paths with Son Jun Ho so there is no risk to that cast which includes Lee Seung Gi who is currently filming tvN drama Mouse. Fellow musical actor Junsu also took a test and his remains negative. Good luck on recovery to both Shin Sung Rok and Son Jun Ho.

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