SHINee’s Taemin to Transfer to Public Service for Remainder of Military Enlistment After Worsening Anxiety and Depression

I don’t follow K-pop much beyond having a playlist and whenever idols decide to also act, but some news is worth sharing broadly to bring more positive attention to it. SM Entertainment‘s second gen idol group SHINee has been through ups and downs and has such a positive and strong image even a non K-pop follower like me feels warm and fuzzy towards them. Member Taemin has been in the army for the last 7 months serving out his mandatory enlistment, assigned to the band unit to make use of his musical talents. But this week the military confirmed that Taemin has been transferred to public service, basically desk duty, due to his worsening depression and anxiety. I am so happy to hear he’s getting the right assignment to help his mental condition though sad to hear he’s suffering. For once K-netz are not ragging on him for “taking it easy” and are in full support for his transfer and wishing him well.

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