Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae Lead the Script Reading Stills for Upcoming tvN Drama Shooting Star

We’re in October now so this may be one of the last K-dramas to air in 2021 with the time remaining. The script reading stills are out for the cast of tvN drama Shooting Star set in the entertainment industry. It sounds and feels a lot like Record of Youth just in overall set up. Starring Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Dae, she’s a top PR director at an entertainment agency and he’s the top star on their roster. Clearly she’ll manage and clean up his hot tempered messes all the while falling in love, and throw in all the usual insider ups and downs from being in the industry. Visually the two leads look amazing together and the acting ability is there, I’m just not super keen on another drama set in the entertainment industry. But the director is quite diverse having helmed Awaken, Witch’s Diner, and Find Me in Your Memory, so count me in at least to check this out.

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Kim Young Dae Leaves KBS Drama School 2021 After Filming Begins, in Talks as Male Lead for Lee Sung Kyung’s Next Drama Shooting Star

The behind-the-scenes drama with the next installment in the KBS School series continues and this time it’s after filming has begun. Second male lead Kim Young Dae has left School 2021, solely on his side with his agency announcing that … Continue reading