Rain is the Typical K-drama Leading Man Cop with a Gun in First Stills from Sketch

Who else has a sense of deja vu seeing the first drama stills from the upcoming jTBC supernatural-tinged police thriller Sketch. Of course the first stills are of leading man Rain but I legit felt like I was either seeing a more scruffy version of Rain’s character in Fugitive: Plan B or Rain photoshopped into one of the many pictures of Lee Jun Ki in a drama pointing a gun either in Time Between Dog and Wolf, Criminal Minds, or Two Weeks. I’m teasing of course, I’m loving the return of Rain to drama land and in a gritty cop role seeking vengeance for his dead fiancee making it even more personal, but covering K-dramas along with having a long memory does sometimes trigger convergence between shows and leading men. All that aside, Rain looks great in character even if he has a constipated stop or I’ll shoot face on. Continue reading