Audience Petitions Blue House For Redo For Final Episode of Sky Castle

This is legit the lamest yet sweetly funniest shit I’ve seen in awhile. I can’t deny that a younger and more fervently drama addicted Koala wouldn’t have participated in a like minded activity for a drama I love. Viewers of the jTBC Fri-Sat drama Sky Castle are apparently so peeved about the wholly out of place final episode 20 that there is a petition to the Blue House for a redo. Sure there are countless more important issues to petition for from the highest office in the land in South Korea, but this shows both how strongly Sky Castle has impacted the populace and that generally people still feel compelled by dramas to make a stance. Whether you agree or not, and obviously the chance for a remake of the final episode 20 of Sky Castle are next to nil, I’m still impressed that fans felt this strongly about it. Continue reading

An Empress’s Dignity and Sky Castle are the December 2018 Surprise Hits Over High Profile Memories of Alhambra and Encounter

Right now there are four dramas doing well in their respective ratings but two are surprise underdogs that are garnering ratings far above expected and the other two are high profile big budget expected successes that are just meeting expectations. … Continue reading

2018 is the Year Cable K-dramas Fully Surpassed Big Three in Top Ten Lists and Comparative Ratings

Success takes hard work and 2018 saw the first time that cable K-dramas fully dominated the landscape over Big Three network dramas, in both critical top 10 lists and comparative adjusted ratings. After nearly a decade of concerted effort to … Continue reading

Encounter and Sky Castle Lead the Good Data November Drama Rankings While Park Bo Gum and Song Hye Kyo Top the Acting Side

Korean polling platform Good Data provides weekly buzz rankings based on search words and this past week was worth a visit since there were three new dramas premiering and four total dramas released in the last two weeks. Topping the … Continue reading