jTBC Files Civil Suit Against K-netizens Who Spread Commentary that the Drama Distorted South Korean History

Flogging a dead horse might be an apt analogy for what is going on here but it feels like using this euphemism is an insult to the euphemism. Cable network jTBC has filed a lawsuit against online K-netizens who it accused of falsely spreading allegations that the drama Snowdrop distorted South Korean history. K-netizens wanted the drama cancelled claiming the story of a North Korean spy in South Korean falling in love with a college student in the democracy movement was exactly the falsehood used by the then dictatorship to crack down on the democracy protests. Turns out the drama had the first part but no one believed the guy was pretending to be a democracy activist as the North Korean spies and soldiers revealed themselves early on and took an entire girl’s college dorm hostage. So the drama turned into a Stockholm Syndrome story set in one place (a girl’s dorm) where all the leaders on both sides SUCKED and basically it was one plodding circle spin until the rocks fall down ending. So while jTBC had a point that the drama didn’t distort history it could have revealed the plot to allay the early concerns but then it would have shot itself in the foot by showing what a stupid plot it was. Rock, meet hard place. Anyhoo, this is really just water under the bridge now because even the fans of the drama are hard pressed to say it’s ratings would have been much higher without the controversy since quality was also lacking in the full run.

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