New Teaser for jTBC Period Drama Snowdrop Elicits Criticism of Female Lead Jisoo’s Dialogue Reading and Schizo Narrative Tonal Shift

Okay, setting aside any individual critiques, this is just an awfully cut trailer for a drama. It makes me actively not want to watch it because it’s just so poorly done. Upcoming jTBC romance period drama Snowdrop got tons of criticism for maybe distorting history and even a petition that it never air, which was absurd to lob a complaint about plot before the drama airs. But watching the teaser the more pressing issue is that it may not be a good drama based on what weirdness is going on here. Jisoo‘s female lead is acting out her own “fall in love at first sight” cheesiness and then BOOM Jung Jae In turns off her cassette recording with ominous music and looks freaked out like a female stalker is coming after him. Just tonally like two different dramas stitched together. In addition, the K-netizens are really not okay with Jisoo’s dialogue reading and I thought it can’t be that bad until I watched the trailer and wow that was rough. She sounds like she has a stuffy nose and also doesn’t enunciate, though Yoon Eun Hye has gotten the same critique her entire career so it needn’t be a acting deal breaker. But that’s because she can act and here Jisoo’s acting also doesn’t look natural. I’ll wait to see if maybe it’s just bad editing and perhaps her character being a wide-eyed innocent doesn’t help because she sounds clueless the way she talks about first love.

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jTBC Releases New Statement Denying Snowdrop is Pro-Conservative Regime Crackdown on Student Democracy Protests of 1987, Says its About Election But Will Change Female Lead’s Name

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Upcoming jTBC Drama Next Target of K-netizens for Historical Distortion Even Though it Hasn’t Even Aired, jTBC Releases Statement that it Will Review and Revise Anything Problematic

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jTBC Reveals Viewers Most Anticipated Drama of 2021 is Sisyphus: The Myth Followed by Snowdrop

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jTBC Drama Snowdrop Confirms Full Cast and Reveals Drama is a Love Story Between Leads Jung Hae In and Jisoo Set in 1987

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