Pre-produced K-drama So I Married an Anti-fan with Choi Tae Joon and Sooyoung Still Not Picked Up for Airing After 2 Years

K-ent is reporting that the fully filmed K-drama adaptation of the manhwa So I Married an Anti-Fan is still without a pick up for airing, this two years after it’s done and ready to air anytime. Male lead Choi Tae Joon filmed this drama right before he enlisted in the military and he’s scheduled to be out next year, and right now there is no interest in the drama still. Female lead Sooyoung was a great casting pick since she’s able to infuse a rather shrewish written character with warmth. Sadly this drama is unlikely to see the light of day on television airing, the reports are that if it airs at all it will be solely on streaming. Continue reading