SBS Weekend Drama Fate and Furies Dials Up the Tense Glamour in New Posters

Weekend K-drama melos are like Thanksgiving dinner, it’s so rich and excessive that I only ever crave it once a year, at most. This year I’m finding myself curious about upcoming SBS weekender Fate and Furies starring Lee Min Jung, Joo Sang Woo, Lee Ki Woo, and So Yi Hyun, a solid foursome with acting chops and diverse charisma. It’s the second go-around for the two leads who starred in Cunning Single Woman (Sly and Single Again), displaying excellent chemistry even as the story was relatively mediocre in maintaining depth. This time around they’ve swapped the hijinks for the oh so serious vibe as shown by these rich drama posters. Love the fancy attire and posing of the four leads around a room from different angles. Clearly it’s going to get emotionally messy and I’m totally cool with that. Continue reading

Joo Sang Wook and Lee Min Jung Hit the Melo Romantic Vibe in Promos for SBS Weekend Drama Fate and Furies

The first teaser and lots of promos are out for upcoming SBS weekend drama Fate and Furies which actually looks surprisingly fantastic. I love the melodramatic moody vibe, it’s intensely dark and makjang romantic, sort of like a non-cheating mc-cheaterson … Continue reading

2014 SBS Year End Drama Awards

With the 2014 SBS Drama Awards, another prolific if underwhelming in quality year wraps up in K-dramaland. There wasn’t an underlying reason I saved this network for last in coverage, MBC went first and I only had time to write … Continue reading

K-dramas On Deck as Full Sun, Three Days, and Wonderful Season Hold Script Reading

Here comes the late-Winter 2014 K-dramas! I feel like this year is already off to the races while I’m still scrambling to get out of bed and fumbling for my slippers. The most high profile K-drama is the thriller Three … Continue reading

18th Annual Busan Film Festival Kicks Off with K-stars Walking the Red Carpet

The 18th annual Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) kicked off yesterday in the seaside town of Busan, South Korea with lots of glam and anticipation. Featuring 301 movie selections from 70 countries shown over 10 days, BIFF has cemented its … Continue reading