The Close-knit Gorgeous Cast of Someone Like You Hold Drama Finale Fan Meeting

I’m not gonna lie or ignore the fact that the last few episodes of TW-drama Someone Like You has basically devolved into a narrative farce. There is heart failure, car accidents, and even multiple comas. But the strange thing is that my affection for this little drama that could remains intact, it’s so earnest and sweet, wanting to keep chugging along with the idea of people being able to do the right thing in the end. The drama remains popular in Taiwan but never got more steam because SETTV kept promoting its other airing dramas above SLY for whatever reason. That’s a bummer because leads Kingone Wang and Kristen Jen are adorable and always game for tons of media cuteness. The network did plan a drama wrap fan meeting that took place last week, while the final episode gets ready to air this Sunday. There were jokes and tears aplenty, with the entire cast gathering to say goodbye to the fans and each other now that filming has also wrapped. It’s been a great six months so for that I thank thee SLY! Continue reading