K-variety Program Discusses the Highest Net Worth Korean Celebrities with Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, and Yoo Jae Suk Ranked Top Three

Well this is a way for fraudsters to know who to target, lol. K-ent program Entertainment Company Live this weekend had a segment discussing the highest net worth individuals in the industry. This comes from a combination of salary for drama/movie/hosting and of course CF endorsements. The top of the chart is none other than Jeon Ji Hyun who commands top salary and also rakes in over a dozen brand deals. Second place is Kim Soo Hyun flor the same reason on the men’s side, so Cheon Song Yi and Do Min Joon are still top together lol. Third spot is variety veteran and beloved host Yoo Jae Suk who hosts countless shows and also featured prominently in ads all over Korea. After that it’s Song Joong Ki in 4th, then Lee Seung Gi at the 5th spot, 6th goes to MC Shin Dong Yup, then followed by Song Hye Kyo in 7th. Honestly, each one is definitely super blanketed all over CFs domestically so it’s hard to deny that earning power, plus each gets tons of media coverage so clearly the top earners just have that ability to get to the top and stay up there in popularity and earning power.

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Lee Sung Min to Play the Chaebol Patriarch Opposite Song Joong Ki in the K-drama Adaptation of Revenge Novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang

Wow, what a powerhouse duo of male leads, this can only get better from casting onward. Lee Sung Min has been confirmed as another male lead in the upcoming K-drama adaptation of the novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang (The … Continue reading

Shin Hyun Bin Offered the Female Lead of Revenge K-drama The Youngest Son of Sunyoung Opposite Song Joong Ki

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Insider Casting Rumors Says Suzy Will be the Female Lead Opposite Song Joong Ki in the K-drama Adaptation of The Youngest Son of Sunyoung

Welp, get ready for a wild and slinging comments section lol. With the news that Song Joong Ki will be the male lead of the K-drama adaptation of revenge novel The Youngest Son of Sunyoung (Korean title is The Chaebol’s … Continue reading

Beyond Evil Wins Best Drama at 2021 Baeksang Awards with Shin Ha Kyun and Kim So Yeon Taking Home the Best Acting Awards

A nicely laudatory ceremony for the 2021 Baeksang Awards wrapped up tonight in South Korea and I’m pretty happy with the results. The Daesang went to Yoo Jae Suk for his continued exemplary work as a variety star and host, … Continue reading

Highly Anticipated K-drama Adaptation of Novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang Heads into Pre-production, Through April 2022, DC Inside Rumors Says Male Lead is Song Joong Ki

Alrighty, take this with the usual grain of salt but it’s definitely more than random conjecture. The production behind the K-drama adaptation of revenge novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang is heading into pre-production, starting this July, and with it … Continue reading

Vincenzo and Its Four Leads Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo Bin, Kwak Dong Yeon and Taecyeon Top the End of April 2021 Good Data TV Buzz Rankings

I find Vincenzo a hearty dish and it’s going to be one of those dramas where upon re-watch my opinion may shift and that’s the hallmark of a good series. The tvN hit drama ended with the 6th highest single … Continue reading