China’s K-ent Ban May be Lifting as Song Joong Ki and Hyun Bin Movies in Talks for Premiere But Jade Lover with Lee Jong Seok Delayed Until 2030 Due to Zheng Shuang Blacklist

The defrosting appears to have begun with China and South Korean tension that led to basically the soft ban on K-dramas airing on TV and movies in theaters in the Mainland. C-ent is reporting that Song Joong Ki and Kim Tae Ri‘s hit movie Space Sweepers (Spaceship Victory) is in talks for release in Chinese theaters which makes sense as Netflix is still not allowed in China. Hyun Bin and Hwang Jung Min‘s upcoming thriller movie Bargaining (English title The Point Men) is also in talks for release there. The 2017 finished filming C-movie Cat Man (I Love Cat Planet Person) with EXO’s Sehun will be released in theaters on March 14, 2021. On the drama side, there is hope that Park Min Young‘s period drama Braveness of the Ming with Hans Zhang will finally see the light of day, though it will be middle aged for Lee Jong Seok by the time his drama Jade Lovers with Zheng Shuang is ever aired as the drama has reportedly been postponed until 2030. Yes, you read that right, the next decade.

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Vincenzo Episode 2 Surges to 9.295% as the Mafia Lawyer Takes on Even More Lawless South Korean Rich and Powerful

The second episode of tvN Sat-Sun drama Vincenzo can best be described by Song Joong Ki saying “I’m back, bitches!” and me saying “Drama gods almighty I have no f*cking clue what I am watching!” This drama is like Dong … Continue reading

tVN Sat-Sun Drama Vincenzo is an Odd Mixed Plate of Korean Flavor Comedy with a Legal Side Dish But Brings in High First Episode Ratings of 7.659%

The best way to describe Vincenzo is the lawyer cousin to The Fiery Priest. It’s either a dish your screwball tastes love or you will find it awkward and no clue on the purpose of what you’re watching is leading … Continue reading

K-ent Considers Space Sweepers a Hit After Movie Debuts to #1 Movie Worldwide on Netflix for 3 Straight Days

Super Bowl weekend is normally quiet in box office premieres in the US during the pre-COVID era and the only movie to drop is smaller budget counterprogramming. With theaters mostly still closed in many countries around the world, movie premieres … Continue reading

Striking Black and White Character Posters for tvN Legal Drama Vincenzo Heighten the Intensity

I keep getting Lawless Lawyer vibes from the promos for Vincenzo, and both being from tvN and featured out-of-the-box lawyers perhaps that’s the reason. The promo visuals aren’t copying anything but the intense savvy male lead played by Song Joong … Continue reading

Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Yoo Hae Jin, and Jin Seon Kyu in New Netflix Pictorial Ahead of February 5th Premiere of Sci-fi Movie Space Sweepers

I not only want this movie to be good I really hope it does well. Too bad we won’t ever know what type of traditional box office it would have brought in but if it starts trending on Netflix that … Continue reading

tvN Drama Vincenzo Releases Official Character Stills for Jeon Yeo Bin and Taecyeon After First Round of Promotions with Song Joong Ki

Wowsers, everyone looks soooooo good in upcoming legal drama Vincenzo. Song Joong Ki of course gets the benefit of perfectly tailored likely Italian suits but his costars Jeon Yeo Bin and Taecyeon are also looking great in their own character … Continue reading