K-drama and K-pop Fans Atwitter as Popular Soompi Forums Abruptly Not Available with No Warning and Explanation

Okay, by the time this article posts the entire thing may be back up and running, at which point we can all talk about the Great Soompi Forum Outage of 2020 which lasted all of 48 hours. But this time everything seems off and the outage again has gone one for over 2 days so I’m not sure if Soompi Forum fandom will ever return to normal. On Wednesday July 22nd Soompi’s popular Forums community suddenly went down, all users got when it tried to access any Forum group was “This Community is Not Available”. Soompi got its start in 1998 but expanded through the rise of Hallyu in the early 2000s and its fandom forums as users generated commentary and content on their favorite K-drama, K-pop, and star shipper threads. I remember Soompi forums in its original iterations, nothing fancy but a place for fans of each K-drama to gather and chat and really none of the drama wars or fan wars that arose as the internet got more heated. For awhile Soompi was owned by Crunchyroll but is now owned by Rakuten which owns Viki. Stay tuned on whether Forums returns or is gone forever much like Dramafever. *sniffles*

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