Naver Suspends Entertainment Article Comments and Related Search Teams, Sooyoung Supportive to Lesson Celebrity Negative Commentary

Ever since the spate of K-star suicides at the end of 2019, there has been a genuine reflection in the industry and with K-netizens. That why it’s no surprise that one of the largest news portals in South Korea Naver announced that it was suspending the comment function in all entertainment news articles, in addition to disabling related word searches for celebrities. Daum has already done this and Kakao Talk also disabled related word searches. SNSD member Sooyoung who was good friends with deceased fellow SM label mate Sulli posted in support of this move which uses takes away technology because some people can’t behave themselves. Ultimately the mental health of stars is vital enough to lesson some communal value in commentary on news articles. Continue reading

Big Name Stars Descend on the Red Carpet Opening Night of the 2018 Busan Film Festival

If this week’s sad showing of mostly second and third tier K-stars at the Korean Drama Awards, then it was the exact opposite at the opening night red carpet of the 2018 Busan International Film Festival where I felt so … Continue reading

Big name K-stars Don Subdued to Overly Labeled Gucci Outfits for Brand Event in Seoul

The Gucci event in Seoul this week brought out the gamut of fashion dressing that happens even within one couture brand. Gucci has always been fashionably loud and not in a good way though I appreciate the consistent vision of … Continue reading

Popular K-stars Attended Los Angeles County Museum of Art 2016 Film Gala

Los Angeles was ground central last week for a black tie gala attended surprisingly by many many top Korean stars. The LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) held its 2016 Art Film Gala, with this year’s honorees Robert Irwin … Continue reading