K-pop Idol Sori of Cocosori Makes Solo Debut

If one aims to generate OMG what is she wearing buzz then K-pop idol Sori just delivered because even I sat up and took note of her when prior to this I had no clue of her existence as one half of a girl duo called Cocosori. I mean, what she is wearing has been done before in other colors by prior risque girl groups, and the dance moves are maybe just a shade strip club more than what the typical idol girls already are dancing to. Her outfit actually is a ripoff of what Miley Cyrus wore to the VMAs when she danced with Robin Thicke but K-pop has always tried to maintain a less overtly sexualized image so seeing Sori put it all out there just seems to not fit into her world and genre. She does have a very pretty face and I love the shocking orange hair, which for some reason matches her backup dancers own tiny leotards. You decide if this works for you, and as long as Sori isn’t being forced to dress like this by her own agency and makes this fashion performance choice herself then fine by me even if I think she’s looks awful. Continue reading