Squid Game Becomes Most Watched Netflix Drama of All Time in Less than One Month and Spawns Memes and Trends

The watch numbers are in and it may actually be more than even that. Netflix announced that it’s hit K-drama original series Squid Game has officially become it’s most watched original show EVER. It hit 111 million household viewership this week, but per household may actually be more than one person in said household watching so it’s just a lot of eyeballs on this. The record was formerly held by period romance Bridgerton and at the rate Squid Game is still going it may not be a given that the second season of Bridgerton can come roaring back and reclaim the throne. It’ll be a fun race to keep an eye on. In other Squidy news, the series has become a top Halloween costume pick between the contestants, guards, and even the Frontman. It’s also spawned a candy trend in coffee shops based on one of the games. Looks like all the early on controversy of being too similar to other works has all subsided and now it’s just basking in the glory.

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