Things Come to a Head in Episode 12 of Start-Up and a Reset Raises the Stakes for the Remaining 4 Episodes

Oh my what an excellent episode 12 for Start-Up, dropping what felt like an exclamation mark but then telling us there is much more ahead. Four more episodes left and I think it’s just the right amount for the story head, a lot of hard lessons where learned by EVERYONE in this episode but then each person made the right decision (albeit harder one) and that shows all my time invested was worth it. Ji Pyeong got a dose of pain, Do San got a dose of business reality, and Dal Mi got a dose of self-sacrifice, and all the supporting characters were given room to breath and a nugget buried so we can stay tuned for their next arc. Since this isn’t a drama predicated on surprises I’ll just say that there is a 3 year time jump at the end of the episode, at the right time and right moment, and will likely throw the Dal Mi-Do San-Ki Pyeong dynamic into a new twirl when everyone reunites in 2020. It’s right that Dal Mi gets to know both guys with the same playing field, and even if its not as a romantic interest these boys are still just wonderful and would make great BFFs and business partners. I don’t believe there is one answer to this question, and am tuned in to see how the leads decide.

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Kim Sun Ho and Younger Counterpart Nam Da Reum Steal the Show in Excellent and Tear Inducing First Episode of Start-Up

She’s back!!! Screenwriter Park Hye Ryun I mean and she’s firing on all cylinders and arguably better than ever with her new tvN drama Start-Up. I watched episode 1 and immediately beelined to write about it. Well, after I stopped … Continue reading