First Movie Teaser for Real Turns Kim Soo Hyun Into Noir Action Hero

This wasn’t what I expected but definitely looks cool and a nice new evolution in the Kim Soo Hyun acting repertoire. The first movie teaser is here for summer thriller movie Real, billed as a noir piece but now looks more like an action flick. I’m thinking Oldboy crossed with a gangster movie, with plenty of sleek and sultry scenes and a surfeit of night visuals. I would love if Kim Soo Hyun worked more as he’s really pacing out his acting projects after hitting super stardom, but a major movie success in every major outing so far is impressive enough. From Thieves to Secretly, Greatly and even a cameo in Miss Granny was in a hit film, I trust his project picking skills and the first 30 seconds sneak peek at Real really revs up the excitement. Continue reading

C-media Wonders Which K-actress Will be the Next Jeon Ji Hyun to Hit it Big in China

The K-media is taking note of a recent Chinese newspaper article discussing which of the younger generation actresses will be the next Jeon Ji Hyun. Ms. Gianna Jun’s combined popularity domestically in Korea and internationally cannot be arguably unparallel, and … Continue reading

Posters and Movie Trailer with Kim Nam Gil and Son Ye Jin Leading a Rollicking Band of Joseon-era Pirates

Now this looks like a great Summer popcorn flick! The first teaser trailer has dropped for the upcoming Korean movie Pirates, which of course garners the immediate association that it’s going to be a Korean version of Pirates of the … Continue reading

Stars Light Up the VIP Premiere of Song Seung Heon’s Explicit New Movie Obsessed

It’s past mid-May which means the full blown Summer movie season is just ramping up in a low key way. Kicking things off a bit early for the K-box office is the Song Seung Heon explicitly-rated affair movie Obsessed. I’ve posted … Continue reading