Im Shi Wan and Seolhyun in Talks for Romance and Life Growth Drama Summer Strike

Okay, I totally had a deja vu moment when I heard this drama synopsis and wondered if I was back in January 2021 when Hometown Cha Cha Cha was cast. K-ent is reporting that Im Shi Wan and Seolhyun have been tapped as the leads for the countryside romance drama Summer Strike, which legit sounds like Hometown Cha Cha Cha down to the T. The female lead has a office job in Seoul when she suddenly packs up and heads to the countryside and settles in a small town. The male lead was a math genius but his life derailed and now he does contract work for a library and helps around town. If the drama is accessorized with Hermes then it’ll complete the Hometown replica haha! The drama is actually adapted from a webtoon and will come from the PD of Coffee Prince and Cheese in the Trap. If they accept filming will start in the spring for a summer 2022 airing because duh Summer in the title heh.

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