Sung Joon and Lim Ji Yeon in Talks for KBS Bar Themed Rom-com Mojito

KBS is brewing up a love and libations drama that’s right up my alley, and with a cute name for a drink I adore. Mojito is on the menu for the network and has stirred up the combination of Sung Joon and Lim Ji Yeon as the leads. The drama is about a chaebol heir who gets anxious at night and decides to open a daytime bar, with love and healing to ensue. The OTP meet at the bar and sparks fly, which sounds like your typical weekend night out as a single but in K-drama land it’s true love and with plenty of quirky swooning. Both leads are still in discussion stages but totally seem suited for this type of roles, not to mention are quite a visual match. I’m not even going to pretend the biggest elephant in the room is that both were in the drama High Society except they didn’t have a romantic love line. Continue reading

KBS Finalizes So Ji Sub-Shin Mina Drama with Name Change to Oh My Venus and Casting of Supporting Leads

There’s been major movement this week on upcoming KBS Mon-Tues drama Oh My God, starting with a name change to Oh My Venus. It’s not a good drama title still, but slightly better than Oh My God which can range … Continue reading