Wed-Thurs K-drama Seven Days Queen Premieres in 3rd Place Ratings with Ruler: Master of the Mask Maintaining Lead

The new prime time drama arrivals have officially ended for now until the next big transition period arrives, for now the last two weeks have seen four new K-dramas premiere and the ratings shake out. For the Wed-Thurs time slot, Ruler: Master of the Mask and Suspicious Partner have been airing for a month now so newly arrived sageuk Seven Days Queen is playing catch up and facing another sageuk already in the lead. Unfortunately for KBS Seven Days Queen was a no go (for now) as the first episode came in third in ratings registered 6.9% AGB nationwide, and the second episode dropped 1.2% to 5.7% AGB ratings. Ruler remained in the lead with around 13% ratings and Suspicious Partner also remained steady around 9% ratings. This will likely be the ratings ranking for the remainder of these dramas run so hopefully folks will just watch whichever one engages their fancy. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask Tops Suspicious Couple and Mystery Queen in Premiere

It’s new drama Wednesday, with not one but two new arrivals in the prime time slot. SBS has modern rom-com Suspicious Partner while MBC is offering up classic sageuk intrigue with Ruler: Master of the Mask, both joining KBS‘s quirky noir … Continue reading

Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun are All Smiles at Script Reading for SBS Drama Suspicious Partner

I’m so excited for upcoming SBS Wed-Thurs drama Suspicious Partner, regardless of the leading lady casting carousel and the litany of title changes. I never got invested in currently airing sageuk Saimdang: Light’s Diary and judging from the steady around … Continue reading