Sword Heroes’ Fate with Nicolas Tse and Charlene Choi Avoids Push Away from Time-Travel Dramas

Count on Mainland China to overreact to a trend. At the annual meeting of cinematic producers this past week, the advisory counsel apparently set down an edict to (1) halt all adaptions of the Four Classics (which I approve), and (2) frown heavily on the recent spate of time-travel dramas (which makes me LOL until my belly hurts). Really? Tell that to Hollywood or novelists, both of which tend to beat a trend to the ground once one emerges, be it vampires, zombies, survival mysteries, spy thrillers, et. al.

Of all the recent time-travel dramas, the only one I am interested in Bu Bu Jin Xin, which is the adaption of the novel of the same name. If a time-travel has finished filming, then it’s good to go, otherwise it’s probably wise to move on the next trend. Luckily, the upcoming Nicolas TseCharlene Choi (Ah Sa) fantasy time-travel wuxia drama Sword Heroes’ Fate (剑侠情缘-藏剑山庄) has wrapped production, and should be released soon. Continue reading