Five Fingers Releases Posters and Stills as Leading Lady Eunjung is Caught up in Controversy

My first inclination is to make some sort of joke about scandals coming in pairs, but then I realized this is just so oddly timed and the allegations are quite serious that I’m in no mood to make light of the situation. Joo Ji Hoon‘s first comeback drama since his military service discharge (which was precipitated on the heels of his drug use scandal) is the weekend piano melodrama Five Fingers, co-starring Chae Si Ra, Eunjung, and Ji Chang Wook. It won’t air until the end of August when A Gentleman’s Dignity wraps up, and truth be told this drama hasn’t been getting a lot of buzz since its the typical long family-driven fare. That is, until this weekend, when K-ent blew open with a snowballing controversy surrounding leading lady Eunjung’s girl pop group T-ara. The first bit of news involved allegations that one member Hwayoung was getting bullied by the others, which turned one day later into suddenly Hwayoung being kicked out of the group based on reverse-allegations that she was mistreating the staff members.┬áBuh? I know something smells bad even from where I’m sitting. Continue reading