Vincenzo Episode 3 Has 8.121% Ratings and Hits the Ground Running as Characterizations Coalesce and Conflicts Intensify

I have patience when it comes to dramas starring my loves. The longest I went with sticking with a drama before it reached payoff time was with Uncontrollably Fond with Kim Woo Bin and Suzy, that drama was 18 episodes of set up but the final 2 episodes was sheer perfection. I watch episodes 19-20 even now and I’m crying ugly heaves for 120 minutes straight. So when it came to Vincenzo, giving this drama a few episodes to find its footing was something I was always going to do, it stars my Song Joong Ki aka Nice Guy Kang Maru so of course. But it’s still a relief that the all-over-the-place in tone and narrative structure first two episodes were just that and starting with episode 3 this drama is taking off. It’s not yet crack level but things are coming together nicely. Vincenzo is both the paternal figure to the denizens of Geumga Plaza, he’s so smart, savvy, and ruthless (as needed), but he’s also the child with Lawyer Daddy Hong being his new father figure here in Korea. I can’t stand Hong Cha Young still with her attitude and over-acting and general point of existence but I know she’s there for transformation purposes so I’ll be patient. I am annoyed at the production in early on accidently revealing the Big Bad because it makes certain scenes hard to enjoy on its own. Overall I’m starting to enjoy the flavor of this drama dish because the stuff I like drown out the weird tastes.

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tVN Sat-Sun Drama Vincenzo is an Odd Mixed Plate of Korean Flavor Comedy with a Legal Side Dish But Brings in High First Episode Ratings of 7.659%

The best way to describe Vincenzo is the lawyer cousin to The Fiery Priest. It’s either a dish your screwball tastes love or you will find it awkward and no clue on the purpose of what you’re watching is leading … Continue reading

Striking Black and White Character Posters for tvN Legal Drama Vincenzo Heighten the Intensity

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tvN Drama Vincenzo Releases Official Character Stills for Jeon Yeo Bin and Taecyeon After First Round of Promotions with Song Joong Ki

Wowsers, everyone looks soooooo good in upcoming legal drama Vincenzo. Song Joong Ki of course gets the benefit of perfectly tailored likely Italian suits but his costars Jeon Yeo Bin and Taecyeon are also looking great in their own character … Continue reading