Taecyeon Completes Military Service and Wins Lifetime Pass from K-netizens for His Civic Duty

Human golden retriever and earnest puppy Taecyeon completed his military service today and was discharged with plenty of fans present to welcome him back. Also there was his 2PM group mate Chansung which is so awwww I can’t even with the hand holding and hugs. Taecyeon didn’t just serve, he did so with plenty of accolades all deserving. He could have been exempt due to holding a US permanent residence but he gave up his green card and kept his Korean citizenship as a sign of his willingness to serve. He enlisted in active duty in the army and even won early promotions for his hard work. All of this has permanently endeared him to the hearts of K-netizens and short of him committing a felony he’s got a pass on his entertainment career as long as he’s seen as making an effort and working hard. And if there is anyone who does both already it’s Taec, so welcome back big boy and I’m looking forward to continued improvement as he is returning solely as an actor from now on. Continue reading

Korean Male Stars Show Off their Height with Sexy Dorky Manner Legs

Manner legs, or when a super tall entertainer stands in an open-legged stance to lower himself, is such a unique Korean thing. I don’t recall seeing tall stars in other entertainment industries doing the pose to adjust for height differentials … Continue reading

K-drama Producers Lamenting Huge Hole in Late 20’s Leading Men Due to Military Service

Production companies of K-dramas shared with the media its very valid concern with upcoming year leading men casting due to the large exodus of military service bound this year in 2017. Starting with Lee Min Ho, the list of talented … Continue reading

Unattractive Outfits and Makeup Steals the Spotlight at the VIP Star Premiere of Real

The VIP movie premiere for Kim Soo Hyun‘s summer 2017 thriller movie Real is as much a hot mess as early critic reviews of his movie has been. Namely, a whole lotta raw material but presented all wrong. Even weirder … Continue reading

First Teaser for First Kiss for the 7th Time Brings the Hallyu Male Stars Together

The teaser is out  for the  online CF drama by Lotte Duty Free, a harmless confection of topHallyu stars and the feel good theme of an ordinary girl surrounded by 7 male specimens of confection. Lee Cho Hee is a … Continue reading

Poster and Press Conference for Lotte Duty Fee Star-packed Promo Drama First Kiss for the 7th Time

Lotte Duty Free is packaging a seven-for-one deal in terms of Hallyu stars and I find myself impressed with their ingenuity and willingness to go big. The poster is out for the brand’s tie-in web drama called First Kiss for … Continue reading

Lotte Duty Free Scripts Mini Drama with Lee Jun Ki, Lee Jong Seok, Ji Chang Wook, Park Hae Jin, Taecyeon, and Kai

Korean duty free store Lotte is cooking up a treat for all the Hallyu fans – the brand will use all it’s endorsement stars in a web drama called First Kiss For the Sixth Time. There are tons of Hallyu stars … Continue reading