Tang Wei, Ni Ni, and More Actresses Go Beautifully Makeup Free in New Skincare Pictorial

Summer and full makeup are basically mortal enemies as the heat melts the layer of facial armor and the skin longs to breathe. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a new makeup pictorial featuring famous Chinese and Japanese actresses without a drop of makeup, barefaced and beautiful for the world to see. Tang Wei, Jessie Li, Ni Ni, Arimura Kasumi, and Matsuoka Mayu are luminous and refreshing in an era where makeup is complex and layered beyond belief. I’m not as brave as them to venture out without a tiny bit of covering but I do feel more confident in not being blemish free and perfect nowadays than younger. Wishing all the ladies embrace their original selves, have fun with makeup if you like, but know that without there is still a beautiful person inside and out underneath. Continue reading

Vogue China Features the Ten Top Chinese Female Stars for 10th Anniversary Edition

Those wondering who China’s top female entertainers are need look no further than the upcoming September issue of Vogue China celebrating its 10th anniversary edition. The ten ladies to grace the cover and pages of the Chinese edition of top … Continue reading

Acclaimed C-actor Chen Jian Bin Nets Triple Win at Star-studded 2014 Golden Horse Awards

The 51st Golden Horse Awards took place last night in Taipei to celebrate the best of film in Greater China for 2014. It was an unprecedented triple win for Chinese actor-director Chen Jian Bin (who walked the red carpet in … Continue reading

The Chinese-language Movie Contingent Beautifully Descends on the Busan Film Festival

It’s early October which means Busan International Film Festival time! There were sooooo many K-stars in attendance my eyes crossed trying to write up something about dresses and suits. How about highlighting the small but impressive Chinese-speaking contingent attending Busan … Continue reading

The Fashionable Stars Descend on the 2012 Busan International Film Festival

It’s fashion time, baby! Despite finding awards shows completely inaccurate in predicting quality, I enjoy it solely for the pretty. It’s a chance for stars to dress up and be unashamed of their extraordinary natural or enhanced prettiness and just … Continue reading