Song Il Gook Attends Tattoist Movie Premiere with Supporting Lead Seo Young’s Fashion Fail Outfit

This may end up being a case of no publicity is bad publicity, but whatever the outcome it sure is uncomfortable to watch as an entertainment consumer. Song Il Gook has reinvented himself in the last two years as the father of triplets on the reality show Superman Returns, a fun program I watch from time to time but have a nugget of underlying concern about showing celebrity progeny so soon for public viewing. Song Il Gook’s triplets are particularly adorable and so far seem to adapt to the cameras fine enough, while his image has gotten considerable softening from tough guy to harried dad.

He is returning to the big screen this summer with the thriller movie Tattoist, a film that has been flying under the radar vis-a-vis other bigger cast projects, so it was a surprise to see that the movie held a premiere this weekend. I don’t think the K-media would have covered the premiere with as much interest but for Song Il Gook’s supporting female lead Seo Young attending dressed in a revealing gown that I find less objectionable for being revealing but completely cringeworthy for being just plain hideous and ugly. Song Il Gook doesn’t look all that happy either, whether its because of the premiere attendance of squiring Seo Young on his arm. Continue reading