Nam Gyu Ri Films Guest Appearance with So Ji Sub on the Set of K-drama Terius Behind Me

K-actor So Ji Sub has always skewed older to me, even when he was just starting out there was this more mature vibe likely due to his looks and an aura of sensitive melancholy. That makes the pairing for his next drama Terius Behind Me with rising young actress Jung In Sun all that more incongruous, unless he plays the protective uncle next door type. It’s too bad his last drama Oh My Venus was so boring because it wasted the great pairing with him and his acting peer Shin Mina, even looking at the first stills from Terius with So Ji Sub next to guest starring actress Nam Gyu Ri makes me go ah heck nah. Nam Gyu Ri’s role here is a special appearance as So Ji Sub’s former girlfriend, and since he’s a former NIS agent I’ll assume she died because of him and that’s why he’s retired living in a random neighborhood only to come out of hiding to help uncover a conspiracy involving Jung In Sun’s disappeared husband. Continue reading