Taiwan and Chinese Top Actresses Aging Beautifully with Success and Happiness Under their Belts

There are always going to be younger and fresher faces in the entertainment industry, not to mention how annoying it is for fans or media to obsesses on actresses aging and/or not getting married. I like to dedicate a post to the gorgeous and successful top actresses in the Chinese and Taiwanese entertainment circle, aging gracefully without a chip on their shoulder, and choosing not to settle down until the right guy comes along. Popular Taiwanese entertainment Facebook pages have been reposting the above picture recently, showing four forty year old and older Taiwanese actresses posing for a sisterhood shot at a black tie event, showing their timeless beauty and effortless style – from left to right is Ruby Lin, Shu Qi, Vivian Hsu, and Terri Kwan. Vivian and Terri are both married while Ruby and Shu Qi are two of the most successful still single actresses on the market, with the media forever fixated on their marital status along with other single older ladies like Li Bing Bing, Fan Bing Bing, Lin Chi Ling, and Xu Jing Lei. If I had any of those ladies career successes and looks, marriage is basically an added benefit and not a necessity, LOL. Continue reading