Posters and Preview for The Beauty Inside Playful with Outlandish Characters

With the conclusion of jTBC medical drama Life, the channel switches moods and gears to the colorful and playful with the K-drama remake of form-changing story The Beauty Inside. The drama reverses the movie set up with the male lead changing forms every day, this version has the female lead changing forms but only once a month and it lasts for a full week. Seo Hyun Jin‘s character with her form-changing condition still manages to live a life as a top actress, with her strange life getting more complicated once she crosses paths with Lee Min Ki‘s airline executive with an inability to recognize faces. Rounding out the cast is Lee Da Hee looking business woman fierce with Ahn Jae Hyun as the sweet second male lead best childhood friend to Seo Hyun Jin. I’m loving all the bright and bold posters and cheeky teasers for the drama so far, it’ll be interesting to see how this drama freshens the movie conceit and extends it for a 16-episode drama. Continue reading