Movie Version of The Beauty Inside Director Baek Jong Yeol Criticizes the Poor Directing of PD Lee Eun Bok in tvN Drama Jirisan Before Deleting Instagram Post Hours Later

Oooooh pass me the popcorn now chingus! This is the type of shady beef I love because no harm done and just lots of juicy industry cattiness. Yesterday was the Saturday premiere of tvN action suspense drama Jirisan (Mount Jiri) which set a new premiere ratings record for the weekend time slot in terms of cable dramas. I saw the K-netizen reviews which were mixed but leaned towards more positive feedback, but then the K-netizens all ran over to navel gaze at a director to director shading. The Beauty Inside movie version director Baek Jong Yeol has an active Instagram where he’s very vocal about K-ent projects from dramas to movies to art, and last night he watched the Jirisan premiere and then posted an Insta straight up critiquing Jirisan PD Lee Eun Bok. He said “The first episode (from my standards), this quality is the problem of the PD and is the reason for Jirisan. Filming the actors to come across as bad at acting, it must be magic, but if it was filmed this way intentionally then I’m sorry.” ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It’s rare for a fellow director to so openly shade another director’s work and hours after Director Baek posted the Insta he deleted it so it’s not there anymore. I still need to watch Jirisan, waiting to do both episodes at once but PD Lee Eun Bok is has a huge resume of successful dramas including Goblin, Mr. Sunshine, Descendants of the Sun, Sweet Home, Secret Love, School 2013, and Dream High, so if I were him I’d just brush it aside.

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