Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won to Reunite as Psycho Husband and Detective Wife in K-drama The Flower of Evil

Okay, I’m in a state of happiness and trepidation with the news of this upcoming new K-drama. Top stars Lee Jun Ki and Moon Chae Won are confirmed for the K-drama The Flower of Evil, reuniting three years after doing the K-adaptation of Criminal Minds together. This time they play a married couple but this is no romance lovey dovey drama. He’s a psychopath who conceals his past and puts on the facade of a loving husband and father and she’s his wife and a detective who starts to suspect him and investigates. Oh god this is so not going to end well. It’s as if Kang Maru in Nice Guy was a legit sociopath instead of just temporarily angry at the world and lashing out and just needing the right woman to bring him back to his natural state of goodness. I love this pairing but need to steel myself for the dark twistiness ahead. Continue reading