New Wed-Thurs Dramas Terius Behind Me and Heart Surgeons Premieres to Equally Unimpressive Ratings

This lackluster ratings in the prime time drama slot is getting to be such an embarrassment to even cover. Like a normal race but the participants are running three-legged, bumbling around hoping for a miracle that domestic audiences will return to the tube. This week saw two new dramas arrive in the formerly prestigious Wed-Thurs time slot and both feel like such comparative duds. MBC aired Terius Behind Me on Thurs with double the episode airings since Wed was quiet for Chuseok holidays still, and SBS did the same with Heart Surgeons. Terius got 6.3%, 7.6%, 6.1%, and 6.1% for its episodes while Heart Surgeon brought in 6.9%, 7.5%, 6.2%, and 6.5%. Already airing KBS drama The Ghost Detective continued languishing in third place with 2.6%, which was actually topped by cable channel OCN drama also dealing with ghosts The Guest which got 2.960. So far I’m riveted by Guest and plan to check out Terius over the weekend but this really makes me sad how drama ratings continue stay sunken. Continue reading