Na In Woo to Work with River Where the Moon Rises PD Again in Rom-com Drama The Jinx’s Lover

K-actor Na In Woo is totally on a roll and able to leverage timing to his advantage and for the greater good. He stepped in to River Where the Moon Rises and delivered a great pinch hitting male lead performance. He must’ve made a great impression with the River PD as he’s been tapped as the male lead in upcoming rom-com drama The Jinx’s Lover adapted from the same name webtoon. He plays a cool and collector beer brewmaster who unfortunately lives life under a jinx or curse. A goddess arrives to help him lift the jinx and of course the two fall in love. The drama is slated for airing in the second half of 2021 and sounds like a great next project for Na In Woo as a striking while the iron is hot and also a change of visuals from sageuk to modern loverboy.

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