Kim Go Eun Confirmed as Female Lead in Kim Eun Sook’s The King: Eternal Sovereign with Lee Min Ho

All that bickering from yesterday with the rumored casting of Kim Go Eun opposite Lee Min Ho for Kim Eun Sook‘s next high profile drama better pipe down now, because nothing is worse than the two fandoms of costars taking the other down. Kim Go Eun is now confirmed as the female lead for the fantasy drama The King: Eternal Sovereign, taking yet again the backseat role in a Kim Eun Sook penned drama with the title named after the male lead. She was the high school bride to the Goblin and now she will be playing two roles as will Lee Min Ho in a story about the door to alternative universes being opened by the devil to tempt humans on a big “What If?” Her two roles will be that of a detective and an ordinary citizen in a world still ruled by an Emperor. She will work with Lee Min Ho’s King character to close the door to the different worlds and return order to their lives. Filming begins in the summer for a spring 2020 airing. Continue reading

Kim Go Eun the Leading Candidate for Female Lead in The King: Eternal Sovereign Opposite Lee Min Ho

This is just behind-the-news chatter but K-ent is reporting that casting is underway for Kim Eun Sook‘s next drama The King: Eternal Sovereign after confirming the crucial male lead role last week with Lee Min Ho. Of course all eyes … Continue reading