The Other Shore 1945 Releases Two More Trailers

Oh man, I don’t know how I’m going to restrain myself until this drama airs the proper version I want to watch. The Other Shore 1945 with Vic Zhou and Janine Chang released two more trailers, and I’ve translated all the dialogue below the video. Word is that the drama will air in late May in China, and early July in Taiwan. However, the Chinese version will in fact be dubbing over the Taiwanese dialogue, leaving all the characters speaking Mandarin. The Japanese dialogue portions remain intact.

The Chinese television commission has long had a rule that there can be no regional dialects on any television show, period. Foreign language is fine, but a regional Chinese dialect is prohibited, mostly an antiquated rule to promulgate Mandarin Chinese as the official dialect amongst the hundreds of regional Chinese dialects out there. Since Taiwanese is a regional dialect, it’s a no go. That means I’m going to have to wait until July to watch the drama on the Taiwan airing, which will have all the languages spoken as the drama intended. The two new trailers look awesome, so have a look. Continue reading