Hyun Bin Dons a Gentleman Professor Look at The Swindlers Movie Press Conference

I’m so amused by Hyun Bin‘s latest looks, mostly because I can’t figure out if I like it or not. It’s not the best showcase for Binnie’s insanely handsome features but I do like that he’s changing things up, and for this latest look at the press conference for caper movie The Swindlers I totally came away with a theme. He looks like he’s auditioning for the K-drama remake of My Fair Lady and he wants to be Professor Higgins. I dig it, the hair is less mussy than at the press conference event two weeks ago, and the maroon velvet blazer with pocket square paired with grey slack straight legged cuffed slacks is definitely old school. But it’s the round rimmed glasses with a cat’s eye edged detail that complete the look, I want him to give me phonetics lessons and then dance with me all night at the ball. On an unrelated to Binnie swooning topic, the movie preview for The Swindlers shows a fun caper movie that seems like a successor to The Thieves and The Con Artists. Continue reading