Crystal Liu and Song Seung Heon Celebrate the Filming Wrap for C-movie The Third Love

Time just zoomed right by for Song Seung Heon‘s long stay in China to film the romantic melo C-movie The Third Love. Costarring C-actress Crystal Liu, a certifiable screen goddess that has yet to breakthrough on the acting front, Song Seung Heon might’ve lucked into working with his opposite gender C-counterpart in producing double the pretty onscreen. The movie is based on the same name C-novel and describes the love between a high powered female lawyer and the rich CEO who hired her to litigate a case for his company.

They fall in love but he’s stuck with a rich fiancee he can’t get rid off and the female lead’s younger sister is also obsessed with him, hence her romance is described as the third love meaning she’s basically the third wheel. The plot sounds extremely cliched and probably will make me want to headdesk if she doesn’t end up with him because of her crazy little sister’s one-sided crush or if the rich fiancee uses suicide to pressure him into marry her, or some equally lame shit move like that. Here’s hoping this movie turns out watchable because the two leads are really really gorgeous to behold together. Continue reading