Final Posters and Trailer for The Third Way of Love Play Up the Beauty of Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu

The production is making one final push for upcoming Korean-Chinese joint production movie The Third Way of Love, premiering month end on September 30th. It’s actually a big premiere date in China, unlike the September no-mans land in US movie releases, since October 1 begins the week off of holiday to celebrate National Day. I don’t know if the movie is that good the production believes it merits such a vaulted opening date, or merely that the collective pretty of leads Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu will bring in the audience.

Either way, the movie has a fair enough shot to do well at the box office, less certain is whether the story is any good in terms of the romance aspect. From the just released final preview, I remain as confused as ever as to all the relationships in the drama, including between the two leads. Are they in love, just playing around, in love and also playing around, I seriously don’t get it despite understanding the dialogue perfectly. Oh wells, Crystal and Heon oppa are bringing the pretty for sure, so that’s what imma going in for. The latest batch of movie posters are certainly piling on the eye candy. Continue reading

Song Seung Heon and Crystal Liu’s Dating News Ratchets Up the Interest in The Third Way of Love

It’s entertaining to see the diametrically opposite reactions from the K-netizens versus the Chinese netizens on the cross-border romance of Korean actor Song Seung Heon and Chinese actress Crystal Liu. While the K-netz are happy to have oppa bring a … Continue reading