OCN Hit Drama The Uncanny Counter Encounters Backstage Drama as Screenwriter Leaves Production with New Writer Taking Over Starting Episode 13

Well this is certainly not, on the surface, a good development for OCN ratings hit drama The Uncanny Counter. The screenwriter Yeo Ji Na has left the drama immediately, with PD Yoo taking over the script for episode 13 and another screenwriter coming in after for the remaining episodes. It’s reportedly a difference of opinion on the ending of the drama and the production believes this split is good, was reached with mutual agreement, and will get the best result for the drama. I honestly have seen over a dozen K-dramas change screenwriter changes over the years and it’s never made the drama better, and in this case it seems so abrupt and with a drama that’s so successful it’s concerning. I hope there is no precipitous drop in quality and if any the drama maintains what brings in viewers then it should be fine.

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OCN Drama The Uncanny Counter the First to Break 10% Ratings, Gets 2nd Season, and Cast Featured in Cine21 Pictorial

There is so much to celebrate and be proud of and it the biggest surprise of the last month has got to be OCN drama The Uncanny Counter. It airs on the smallest of the three notable cable networks and … Continue reading