The World of the Married Shatters Cable Ratings Ending with 28.271% in Final Episode 16

The legs on this drama, now I wonder what it could have done if it was a 20-episode drama like former cable network ratings champion Sky Castle. Hit jTBC Fri-Sat drama The World of the Married signed off today with its final episode 16 bringing in 28.261% ratings. That’s so high in the stratosphere I don’t even know how to compare it, and former cable rating leader Sky Castle ended with 23.779% which is also impressive but it was obtained with a 20 episode run. The World of the Married ratings means over 1 in 4 households that subscribed to cable was watching it, amazing and such a well earned win for female lead Kim Hee Ae who rightfully so is getting majority of the acclaim for bringing in viewers with her strong performance. When drama ratings were free falling during the 2013-2015 era there was a time when I wondered if K-dramas were headed for the graveyard but I’m so glad I stuck around to see there are still peaks to go along with the valleys.

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The World of the Married Heads into Finale Weekend Riding High on Buzz as Top Searched Drama in First Week of May Followed by Hospital Playlist

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The World of the Married Child Actors Jeon Jin Seo and Jung Jeon Won Criticized by Netizens for Underage Smoking, Drinking, and Cursing in SNS Posts

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The World of the Married Continues Online Domination into the 4th Week of April 2020 With Solid Second Place Perch by Hospital Playlist

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Kim Hee Ae is the Crowned Queen as The World of the Married Becomes Highest Rated Cable Drama Ever with 24.332% in Episode 12 Surpassing Sky Castle

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Fri-Sat Drama The World of the Married with Kim Hee Ae and Park Hae Joon Premieres with Highest jTBC Ratings Ever With 6.260%

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