Lee Sung Min to Play the Chaebol Patriarch Opposite Song Joong Ki in the K-drama Adaptation of Revenge Novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang

Wow, what a powerhouse duo of male leads, this can only get better from casting onward. Lee Sung Min has been confirmed as another male lead in the upcoming K-drama adaptation of the novel The Youngest Son of Sunyang (The Youngest Son of the Chaebol Family). The drama will star Song Joong Ki in the titular character with female lead Shin Hyun Bin. Lee Sung Min will be playing the patriarch of the chaebol family that is at the center of our male lead’s revenge plans, but in the novel that patriarch is the grandfather and I can’t for the life of me imagine Lee Sung Min playing Song Joong Ki’s grandfather lololol. With that said, maybe they will change it to a father-son relationship which is plausible I guess. I’m just in it for the sure to sparks flying acting intensity and knowing these two guys typically pick good drama projects.

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