C-ent Buzzing about Zheng Shuang Reportedly Dating C-rocker Tiger Hu

This latest dating news out of China is a nice bookend to the recent dating confirmation of popular young actor Hans Zhang with rising young actress Gu Li Na Zha. C-actress Zheng Shuang is reportedly dating Chinese rock singer Tiger Hu (Hu Yan Bin), with rumors swirling around them for months now but has heated up again as they were snapped together at dinner with the parents. If confirmed, and it’s pretty much legit as it comes since neither side is denying it outright, it will hopefully lessen the sniping of Zheng Shuang fans towards her ex-boyfriend Han Zhang for moving on so quickly to dating Na Zha.

Zheng Shuang and Hans dated for close to five years after meeting cute as the leads on the set of the C-version of Hana Yori Dango called Let’s Go Watch the Meteor Shower. Sadly their relationship ended in the middle of 2014, with conflicting reports as to the reason, with some saying Zheng Shuang’s insecurity over Hans’ popularity and good looks led to her calling it quits, and others saying Hans was a total playboy who was always flirting with other girls and that was too much for Zhang Shuang to handle. Whatever the reason, the two have publicly spoken well of each other and wished the other happiness. It seems nicely serendipitous to see it arriving one after the other for both. Continue reading