Hong Kong Acting God Tony Leung Wins First Chaplin Awards for Asia

The passing of HK-actress Yammie Lam really hit home how prolific and incredible the 80’s and 90’s of HK-ent was in the depth and breadth of acting talent and project successes. She may have fallen victim to the dark side of the industry but HK cinema remains the trailblazer of Asian film so it’s such a well-deserved honor to see veteran HK-actor Tony Leung win the first ever Chaplin Award in Asia for his 30 years of successful television and mostly film career. The award was given at the Tatler Ball 2018 held in Shanghai this weekend, and Tony’s wife fellow award-winning HK-actress Carina Lau was of course by his side. The media was also excited to spot retired HK leading lady Chingmy Lau from his movie Blind Romance make a rare public appearance after nearly twenty years retired and still as goddess level as ever. Congrats to Tony and very happy to see the prestigious Chaplin Award finally make its way to lauding an Asian star. Continue reading

Famous Stars Alongside Astonishingly Similar Filming Doubles

Wax figures at Madame Tussauds isn’t the only way for stars to have their own dopplegangers, ever since the advent of cinema there have been body and face doubles during filming. I’m not sure if there’s as lucrative a business … Continue reading

Winners and Star-studded Red Carpet at the 50th Anniversary Golden Horse Awards in Taipei

Two major Asian film awards took place this weekend, there was the Blue Dragon Film Awards celebrating Korean cinema held in Seoul, and further South in Taipei the annual Golden Horse Film Awards feted the Chinese-language movies of 2013. It … Continue reading